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Natural Baby Bottle Fast Flow Nipple, 6M+, Flow 4, (Pack of 4)


  • Natural Fast Flow Nipple for babies 6 months and older
  • Faster flow rate (size 4) for thicker liquids
  • Clinically proven to reduce colic
  • Soft, durable silicone nipple with wide neck design for easy cleaning


Optimal Flow Rate for 6 Months and Up: As your baby progresses from exclusively breastfed or formula-fed to incorporating thicker liquids into their diet, the Avent Natural Fast Flow Nipple provides the perfect solution. Made for babies aged 6 months and beyond, the Fast Flow Nipple features a larger opening compared to the slower Flow Nipple. This allows thicker liquids like cereal-added formula or pureed food to flow more readily. This caters to your baby’s increasing appetite and prevents frustration during mealtimes, as they won’t have to struggle to extract enough nourishment through a slower nipple.

Clinically Proven to Reduce Colic: Colic is a common concern for parents of young babies, characterized by frequent crying, fussiness, and gas. The Avent Natural Fast Flow Nipple incorporates Avent’s innovative twin valve anti-colic system. This unique design helps prevent air from entering your baby’s tummy during feeding. By minimizing air intake, the twin valve system helps reduce the discomfort and gas associated with colic, allowing your baby to feed comfortably and peacefully.

Natural Latch On for a Comfortable Feeding Experience: Encouraging a natural latch on is crucial for a smooth and frustration-free feeding experience for both you and your baby. The Avent Natural Fast Flow Nipple mimics the shape of a breast, with a wide base and a soft, flexible nipple that feels familiar to your baby. This familiar design promotes comfortable and efficient feeding, minimizing nipple confusion and ensuring a stress-free transition between breast and bottle feeding.

Soft and Durable Silicone for Gentle Feeding: Made from soft, BPA-free silicone, the Avent Natural Fast Flow Nipple provides a gentle feel on your baby’s gums, mimicking the natural texture of your breast. The silicone material is also highly durable, able to withstand repeated washing and sterilization without compromising shape or function. This ensures long-lasting use and makes cleaning and sterilizing the nipples a breeze.

Easy Cleaning and Wide Neck Design: The wide neck design of the Avent Natural bottle makes cleaning a breeze. The wider opening allows you to easily reach inside the bottle with your hand or a cleaning brush to remove any milk residue or food particles. This is a significant advantage over traditional narrow-neck bottles, which can be difficult to clean thoroughly, especially in those hard-to-reach corners.


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