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Beats Musical Drum Toy with Lights, Ages 3 Months +, Infant and Toddler, Unisex


  • Interactive Beats Musical Drum Toy designed for infants and toddlers aged 3 months and up.
  • Unisex design is suitable for both baby boys and girls, featuring colorful lights and cheerful melodies.
  • Encourages sensory exploration and stimulates multiple senses, fostering early development.
  • Durable and safe construction with a soft drum surface and non-toxic materials for hours of playtime fun.


Interactive Musical Drum Toy: Introduce your little one to the joy of music and rhythm with the Beats Musical Drum Toy. This interactive toy is designed to engage infants and toddlers, providing hours of entertainment and sensory stimulation. With its colorful lights and cheerful melodies, this musical drum captures your child’s attention and encourages them to explore the world of music through play.

Ages 3 Months and Up: Suitable for infants as young as 3 months old, this musical drum toy is an ideal choice for early sensory development. The soft drum surface is gentle on delicate hands, allowing even the youngest babies to tap and explore the sounds and lights. As your child grows, they can continue to enjoy this versatile toy, making it a long-lasting and beloved addition to their playtime routine.

Unisex Design for All Babies: Designed with a unisex color scheme and cheerful graphics, this musical drum toy is perfect for both baby boys and girls. Its engaging features and vibrant lights appeal to all children, regardless of gender, making it a versatile and inclusive toy for every little drummer in the making.

Encourages Sensory Exploration: The Beats Musical Drum Toy stimulates multiple senses, providing a rich and immersive play experience for infants and toddlers. The colorful lights capture your child’s visual attention, while the interactive drum surface encourages tactile exploration. The cheerful melodies and rhythmic beats help develop auditory skills and foster a love of music from a young age.

Durable and Safe Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this musical drum toy is built to withstand hours of active play. The soft drum surface is gentle on little hands, while the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability. Additionally, the toy is designed with safety in mind, with rounded edges and non-toxic materials that meet rigorous safety standards for infant and toddler toys.


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