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Personalised Baby Weaning Set | Bamboo Suction Plate with Bowl and Cutlery


  • Personalized Baby Weaning Set includes a bamboo suction plate, bowl, and cutlery.
  • Bamboo suction plate with divided sections to minimize spills and messes.
  • Matching bamboo bowl and cutlery designed for tiny hands, with safe, rounded edges.
  • Eco-friendly, antibacterial bamboo construction ensures a safe and durable feeding set.


Personalized Baby Weaning Set: Introduce your little one to solid foods with this delightful Personalized Baby Weaning Set. Thoughtfully designed for both functionality and charm, this set includes a bamboo suction plate, a matching bowl, and cutlery. Each piece can be personalized with your baby’s name, making mealtime special and unique. The personalization also adds a touch of individuality and fun to your baby’s feeding routine.

Bamboo Suction Plate: The set features a bamboo suction plate, divided into sections to help separate different types of food, encouraging balanced meals and easy feeding. The suction base ensures that the plate stays securely in place on the highchair or table, minimizing spills and messes. Made from natural bamboo, the plate is eco-friendly, durable, and safe for your baby.

Matching Bowl and Cutlery: Complementing the suction plate is a matching bamboo bowl and cutlery set. The bowl is perfect for serving purees, cereals, or snacks, while the spoon and fork are designed for tiny hands to grasp easily. The smooth, rounded edges of the cutlery ensure safe and comfortable feeding for your baby. The bamboo material is naturally antibacterial and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for busy parents.

Eco-Friendly and Safe: This weaning set is crafted from high-quality bamboo, a sustainable and eco-friendly material that is gentle on the environment. Bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe feeding experience for your baby. The set is designed to be durable and long-lasting, standing up to daily use while maintaining its attractive appearance.

Perfect Gift for New Parents: This Personalized Baby Weaning Set makes a thoughtful and practical gift for new parents. Whether it’s for a baby shower, birthday, or just because, this set is sure to be appreciated by parents looking for safe and stylish feeding options for their child. The ability to personalize the set with the baby’s name adds an extra special touch, making it a cherished keepsake.


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